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Why Brella Wrap



The new approach that solves an old problem

Brella Wrap is a revolutionary and innovative product designed to cover wet umbrellas in a simple, one-handed motion taking no more than several seconds.  Covering those wet umbrellas saves drips on your floor, minimizing the danger of “slip and fall” accidents and their resulting litigation. Plus, your employees spend less time moping wet

This aesthetically pleasing product is a stand-alone unit that replaces outdated umbrella bag stands which require two-handed operation.  Conventional umbrella bag stands are little more than bag holders – frustrating to use and often ignored.


Brella Wrap helps keep your floors safe 

“Slip and fall” accidents are the third leading cause of injury to customers and employees every year.  It is estimated that workers’ compensation and medical expenses associated with “slip and fall” accidents cost American businesses $70 billion annually, and yet they remain the most preventable of workplace accidents.

Statistically, the average liability award for injury falls is $60,000 to $100,000 per claim.

Less water on your floor can help reduce your risk of expensive claims. Add Brella Wrap to your office or business entrances and you’ll reduce your exposure. In turn, that may lower your loss experience and possibly save you money on your liability coverage.


Brella Wrap Stations - General Information

  • Brella Wrap wet umbrella stations have a broad base, are stable, and will not tip over in use
  • Brella Bags will not become untidy and will not fall off holding bracket
  • Brella Bags hold the water that would have been on your floor
  • Attractive design will enhance the appearance of your entry
  • Your building guests will appreciate the quick and easy one-handed operation
  • The Brella Wrap system will reduce the amount of water on your floor, making your entrances much safer

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